Ways to Bet on Horse Racing

In the United States, horse racing has a long and storied history. Originally intended for the well-to-do, horse racing quickly caught on with the working class. An explanation for that popularity was the appeal and influence of betting at the track. Today, betting on horses is a socially acceptable practice with many participants. There are even sites that offer online slot games with horse racing theme. A firm grasp of the various types of bets offered in horse racing is critical to success. Here is a brief overview of ways to bet on horse racing.

Understanding the Win, Place and Show

The most frequent bet on horse racing is the straight bet on the win, place or show. A bet on a horse to win requires that the horse finish first to pay out. Betting the place means the horse can finish either first or second for the bettor to collect. A show bet would succeed as long as the horse finishes in the top three.

Making an Exacta Bet

A bettor wishing to make an exacta bet must select which horses will finish the race first and second respectively. The horses must be in the exact order to win the bet. The payout for such a bet would be higher than a single straight bet.

Making a Quinella Bet

Much like the exacta, the quinella requires the bettor to select the top two horses. In a quinella, however, the horses can finish in any order, as long as they’re both in the top two. As a result, the payout on a quinella is lower than the exacta.

Understanding the Trifecta Bet

A trifecta bet correctly selects the horses that will finish first, second and third in a race. Because of the difficulty of such a proposition, the payout is very lucrative for bettors. The horses must finish in the exact order for you to see a return.

Understanding the Superfecta Bet

A superfecta bet is a wager that correctly chooses the first four horses to finish the race. If they finish in the exact order, there is a huge return for the bettor. These kinds of bets are best left for more experienced and informed racing fans.

Betting the Daily Double

A daily double bet is successful if the bettor picks the winning horse in the first two races of the day. These are just some of the bets available in the exciting sport of horse racing. Understanding each wager will improve your chances of winning when you bet on horses. Learn a few simple, yet vital horse betting tips online because it plays an important role just like how casino reviews help gamblers in getting the best casino bonus available online.